Who We Are

Market Insight is a marketing consulting business founded on the principles of integrating marketing skill with talent.

Founder, Judy Lin, created Market Insight as a boutique marketing consulting service to clients who are looking for reliable, knowledgeable consultants, team builders, marketing leadership, and quality multimedia design services. We are a diverse group of talented experts, consultants, and designers with ingenious insight, skillset, and vast working experience.


Judy Lin

Interactive Marketing, PPC & Advertising Strategist


Kevin Laugharn

SEO Strategist


Neil Healy

Video Production & Editing
2 Time EMMY Documentary Award Winner

Chris Huey

SEO Specialist

Todd Roth

Medical Writer

Our team members not only own the credentials and successful track record you seek, but are impeccable in their professionalism and reliability. We take the time to listen to you first. Many people hear, but we listen, and approach your business needs with tactical steps, creative solutions, measurable strategies, and great precision. We, then, identify and assess your needs on time, on target, and on budget. Our problem- solving requires originality and strategy. Our marketing knowledge transforms into creative approach and effective results.